study vibes

Hi babes, I’m back and here to stay. It’s been a big transition for the past 6 months, moving from Israel back to the US, and straight into university. Well, it’s fall, which means that this year is coming to an end. During this time of the school-year, is also midterm season, which means I’ve had my nose stuck in my books (well sometimes) and my study tunes blasting or just playing quietly in the background. Music is a way for me to destress and disconnect from the world around me.

You all know how much I love to share my music with you, so I decided to post my spotify playlist here for you to listen and enjoy.

I would love to hear, what music you like listening to, when you are studying or in general, but if music is not what helps you get into the study mood, what are a few habits that help you?

I am planning to write my posts in English as well as in Hebrew for my Israeli followers. Some of the music I listen to is also in Hebrew, so I hope you’ll like it and I would love to hear your feedback!

Until my next blog, enjoy!


היי יפיפיות!

רציתי לכתוב לכם בעיברית כדי שתוכלנה להבין ולהתחבר עם הבלוג שאני כותבת. אני באוניברסיטה עכשיו, ויש לי קצת זמן פנוי, אז הכנתי לכן פלייליסט של מוסיקה שאני נהנית להקשיב לה, ורציתי לחלוק אותה עמכן.



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