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leaving home & studying abroad.

Leaving home for the first time is difficult, especially if you are moving miles away. I’m starting to learn that first hand. What I have noticed at the beginning of this new experience is the importance of keeping an open mind, keeping positive and finding happiness in the little things.

The world is yours to take. It doesn’t stop for anyone, but it is your job to embrace it. We all live in our own personal worlds/bubbles, filled with routines, familiar faces and so on. Being able to step out of that bubble on your own and take control of the different surroundings is powerful, but at the same time oh so frightening. Someone told me the other day that once one pushes past the pain they can find happiness. It’s totally true. The pain that I’ve been feeling lately has been unbearable. I’ve even wanted to go back home, but I decided that going home would be like giving up and I am not a quitter.

The world is your oyster. Get out of your bubble. Meet new people. Hear different languages. Eat new foods. Learn about yourself. Get dirty. Dance all night. Talk less. Listen more. Be curious. Become an adventure.


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