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creating a home away from home


Being a high school senior, I have to start accepting that in a couple of months I wont be living at home anymore. The last time I step out of my front door, will be the first step to my new and independent life. Some of us will be moving a couple miles away from home, but many of us will be hundreds, maybe thousands of miles away from home, which seems super scary.

I read a blog post about “finding home“, the author states that home is an artificial construct, something that we believe we cannot live without, but she later states that home really is “a collection of people, smells, familiarity, possessions, perhaps a pet and memories” and that no matter where we are, these things will survive and be collected.

Even though all this is true, I doubt it helped the process of leaving home any less harder. So here are some ways that would help you find “home” in your new home.

Keep Contact With Friends/Family At Home

Its always important to stay in contact with people at home. You should have someone that you are able to confide in, someone that makes you feel closer to home. 

Bring Things With You

When packing up your room, bring things that will comfort you when you’re homesick. They can be blankets, photographs, stuffed animals, posters, anything that has a special connection to you or a memory that connects back to your home.

Keep An Open Mind

Don’t let homesickness and anxiety bring you down. You have a newfound independence that you should take advantage of. Go explore the new place you are in, meet new people, create memories, and try new things. You always have your home to come back to, if you really miss it.


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