Top Beauty Trends of 2014

2014 was the year of extreme beauty. Us girls have been braiding, dying and standing out in the best ways possible. We’ve been finding ways to shine whether it was through sparkle or with our natural beauty. Lets take a look at this years top beauty trends….

1. Glitter- Glitter has been all over runway shows, specifically Chanel & Dior to the desert parties of Coachella. This year is all about the spark and shine.

2. Braids- They’ve always been trendy, but this year they’ve been everywhere. You’ve seen them in movies (Katniss in the Hunger Games), on TV (Orange is the New Black), and all over the internet. What’s not to love?

3.Bold Eyes- We loved making statements this year, especially with our eye make-up. We’ve seen silver and gold flakes, bright eye shadows, and crazy cat eyes. We found so many ways to make our eyes stand out.

4. Full Lips- They aren’t duck lips, they’re full lips. I’ve noticed that us girls have been finding ways to make out lips look more “pouty” and full. We’ve spent all year lusting over Kylie’s fab pout, that we’ve been dying to have our own.

5. Top Knot- We’ve all had those lazy days where we didn’t wanna do anything with our hair, but we still wanted to look nice. I love top knots because they can be so effortlessly chic. You can pair them with literally everything. Go us!

6. Bold Brows- I’m guessing Cara Delevingne was the first person you thought of when you thought of bold eyebrows. She was our “brow-spiration” this year and we must thank her for that.

7. Fresh Face- I’m so proud of us girls embracing our natural beauty. We’ve learned that we don’t need to cover up our true beauty, instead we should let it shine! Wow thats cheesy.

*Pictures from Tumblr & Pinterest

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