Fashion Inspiration



With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taking place a couple of days ago, I thought it would be great to talk about the small bits of clothing we wear for only those special people to see. Here are a couple tips for buying your lingerie.

  1. Make sure its the right size: Taking your measurements will save you from wearing a bra that it totally not your size. We all know how awkward it is to wear bras that don’t  fit right at all.
  2. Comfort vs style: As women we usually compromise our comfort for style or vice versa, which is fine…sometimes, but be careful of doing so when buying lingerie. Walking around in uncomfortable underwear or bras is a feeling you’ll never to get used to. Thankfully there are tons of comfortable, yet stylish pieces to choose from!
  3. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful: Its so important to buy clothing that makes you feel comfortable with your body, and lingerie should do that too. Don’t buy things that you know isn’t for your body type, because that will only put you down. Find pieces that are made just for you and will make you feel beautiful, because you are.

xx Leehe


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