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Tea Please.

Winter time is finally here, which means snuggling up on the couch by the fire with hot tea in your hands. When people ask me what I like better, tea or coffee, I usually say coffee, but when I’m under the weather tea is the number one problem solver. Due to my Persian background, tea is the go to drink and I have to tell you, them Persians are oh so smart.

Tea has a ton of benefits.

Green tea, for example helps your skin/hair, reduces cholesterol, reduces stress/anxiety, increases immunity, and so much more. Whats not to love!?

If you’re not a green tea lover, than there are so many other types of tea, here are a few.


Black tea is known for it’s large amounts of caffeine and antioxidants. The benefits of black tea include lowering risk of heart disease and diabetes,  helps create a healthy immune system and regulates blood sugar levels.


Oolong provides similar benefits to both black and green teas, and with it, a fruity flavor. Oolong is often used for dieting and is known to help repair skin conditions. A word of caution – oolong tea is usually very high in caffeine, so if you are sensitive to caffeine, drink in moderation.


Chamomile, being a herbal tea, is caffeine free, which means it will help treat sleep and stomach troubles. It can also soothe puffy eyes and be used as an antibacterial mouthwash.


Rooibos, also called Red Bush Tea, is also naturally caffeine-free. Drinking Rooibos has many benefits. It improves bone strength, helps maintain a healthy heart, clears skin, and promotes better sleep.


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