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Are You Happy?

What makes you happy? What keeps you from losing yourself to stress, hardship, or loneliness? Do you write, do you sing, dance, listen to music, read…? Here are some ways to help you stay happier.


Exercise doesn’t only help you stay fit, it also helps release endorphins to your brain. Exercise doesn’t mean you have to go do a super intense workout, you can go on a walk, do some yoga, go for a swim, any physical activity will do.


Interacting with other people, whether in person or not, is always nice. Close friends can help you destress and make you happy, just by being close to you. We all have those stressful, lonely days, its always nice to have someone to talk to.

//Being Creative

Art is the best way to express your feelings, whether it’s drawing, singing, playing an instrument, collaging, you’ll feel so much better after you’ve created something that reflects how you feel.


Write everything you’re feeling. Write down how angry you are, what you’re going through, and how you’re going to change the situation you are in. I promise you that it feels so much better once you write it all down.


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