Fashion Inspiration

Angela & Roi Handbags

Angela and Roi created this line believing that “looking good shouldn’t only be for the rich and famous.” Angela Lee, the chief fashion officer, supervises fashion and art within the company. While Roi Lee manages the business side of the company, as the chief executive officer.

They created this line based on moral principles, customer satisfaction, non-profit margins, and possibly impact the greater community. All their handbags are made with 100% vegan leather and are all branded with the A&R ribbon logo, which symbolizes innovation, creativity, style, and philanthropy.

Not only do Angela and Roi create beautiful handbags, they also started an organization called Donate By Color. A movement that raises awareness for causes that range from Cancer to Anxiety/Depression. Each color stands for a different cause, which means that if you buy a black bag you’re supporting Melanoma fighters, if you buy a white bag you’re supporting Lung Cancer fighters, and so on…

I think that this brand has an amazing idea. I cannot wait to watch them grow!




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