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Don’t Listen To Tumblr

I’ve noticed that Tumblr has impacted the lives of teenage girls, stating what is in and what’s out. Creating an image of the ideal teenager.
Smoking is cool.
Cutting is beautiful.
Thigh gaps are all the rage.
Tumblr is a source that enables us to express opinions, share our personalities and interests, live through other peoples photographs, share the moments that we have captured, and so much more. But Tumblr is becoming a place where we aspire to become perfect, popular, and effortlessly cool. Just like the people in the photographs.
What we are not understanding is that these things aren’t suppose to make you more popular or make you look cool. We don’t need to start smoking cigarettes and damage our lungs because we saw that beautiful girl on Tumblr smoking.  We don’t need to cut ourselves just because we think its the only way to gain attention. And we definitely don’t need to starve ourselves to the point where we are malnourished just so that we can obtain a body shape that is unnatural for some girls.
I guess what I am trying to say is that there is no need for us to compare ourselves to people we don’t know and images that have no backstory. We have to learn to embrace ourselves and our beauty and understand that we are who we are.

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