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Fresh Faced & Beautiful

Less is always more. We are beautiful, so why cover up that beauty with piles of makeup? Yes, it does dramatize the features we think are suppose to look bold, like our eyes and our cheekbones. Yes, it covers our blemishes and slight flaws, but why conceal instead of embracing what we truly look like. 

I know its hard to stop using makeup after using it for so long, it makes me feel self conscious, but the question I asked myself after a while was why I was covering up every little spot I thought was a flaw. I’m not saying that makeup should be banished, because I still love it and don’t think I would stop using some products.

My makeup routine was quite long, I started with a primer/pore minimizer, then a heavy foundation that made me break out every once in awhile. After that, I concealed every little spot on my face, curled my lashes, applied blush and bronzer to exaggerate my cheekbones and then added tons of mascara. As time went on, I started using less and less foundation. I didn’t apply any blush, because my cheeks were already quite red. No more eyeshadow or eyeliner, but two products I was/am still using are concealer and mascara. I use concealer for my under eyes and acne that I can’t help but find annoying. To me mascara is something I will always use, because I’ve used it for so long, I’m so use to seeing myself with darker, longer lashes.

Now that I cut my makeup routine to two products, I see a slight change in my skin. It looks clearer, I stopped breaking out as much and my skin looks healthy. I’m happy with the fact that I don’t need to worry about whether or not one wing was the same length than the other or that my foundation wore off throughout the day. I just feel more at peace with what I look like.


15 thoughts on “Fresh Faced & Beautiful

  1. definitely agree! Although I run a beauty/fashion blog, I definitely go without makeup most days. I do still wear it, but I prefer to let my skin breathe. I love makeup when it’s fun, but not when it’s work or to cover up an insecurity. great post ♥

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  8. I don’t never wear much make-up on a daily basis, but like you can’t live with out concealer & mascara! and am now very picky about which products I use on my skin- no freebies from magazines like I did as a teen which only resulted in worse break outs! I also drink ginger & lemon tea (all fresh) every morning before I eat breakfast… it has great detox benefits for the whole body, but for me the best is the clearer skin, which makes going sans make-up all the easier!

    Sah xx

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