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Things to Do This Fall

Fall has begun! Its time to go out and enjoy what the season has to offer. Here are a few things you can do!

  1. get the pumpkin spice latte
  2. step on dried up leaves
  3. have a bonfire
  4. wear oversized sweaters
  5. spend some time working/reading at a cafe
  6. go for a long drive
  7. go to a halloween party
  8. make pumpkin pie
  9. carve pumpkins
  10. eat candy
  11. make a fall playlist
  12. buy seasonal candles
  13. watch a scary movie
  14. have a fall themed photoshoot
  15. go on an adventure
  16. read a new book
  17. watch the sunset/sunrise
  18. have a party
  19. cook a fall themed dinner
  20. go to a haunted house
  21. write fall themed poems
  22. go to a concert
  23. go on a date
  24. wear uggs
  25. start a new project
  26. fall shopping spree
  27. go to the movies
  28. wear a scarf
  29. go on a road trip
  30. spend time with family

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