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Back 2 School Movies

School is back in session, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to make some time to watch a “back to school” movie (or two) after you’re done with your work!


A dark comedy about a clique of four girls, 3 of which are named Heather and their friend Veronica that is popular by association. Throughout the film Veronica starts to hate the Heathers and befriends a rebellious outside that share the same dark interests. Winona Ryder is the main character of the film, which is the one and only reason this movie is a much watch.

The Breakfast Club

Five kids all from different cliques are in detention for different reasons. Throughout the movie they start learning about one another.

Pretty In Pink

A rom-com about a love triangle and the influence of social cliques in the 80’s. A high school senior, Andi has a crush on a rich, sensitive popular boy , but what she doesn’t know is that her childhood friend Duckie is in love with her.


Some people say that its the 90’s version of Mean Girls, I agree, but I think its way better. By the end of the movie, Cher will be your new fashion icon and you will fall in love with Paul Rudd. Cher, the main character, along with her best friend Dionne make it their life mission to transform the new girl, Tai and make her part of their circle. At the end of this movie, you will catch yourself saying AS IF !

10 Things I Hate About You

Modernized version of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew about a bittersweet romance between the female lead, Kat and the mysterious outsider, Patrick.

The First Time

A high school senior, played by Dylan O’Biren spends most of his time pining after a girl he can’t have, but while at a party he meets a girl that seems to understand him, but has a boyfriend. Throughout the movie, you watch their friendship grow into a complicated relationship due to their “first time”.


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