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How to Make the School Year a Bit Better

Don’t stress: Stress just makes everything harder. In order to destress, find time to have some time alone. During that time make lists of things you need to get done. It’ll not only help you stay organized, it will also help you clear your mind.

Be positive: Always try to have a positive outlook on life. It doesn’t only keep you and people around you happy, but you’re also healthier, mentally and physically. Thinking positively will keep your eyes on the prize, whether its staying fit or getting all your work done.

Stay drama free: Drama leads to downfall, socially, personally, and school wise. Who likes drama anyway? Steer clear from people who try to create it and you’ll be fine for the school year.

Find the people you’re comfortable around: School is way better when you know that there are people around that care about you. FInd a group of friends that have similar interests as you and help you find the better you.

Have fun: The school year is filled with experiences and memories that will last forever. Don’t get caught up in all the schoolwork and craziness of school, but try to create memories and have as much fun possible.




Don’t procrastinate



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