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What’s In My Bag?


My Forever 21 bag has been completely filled with lip products… but thats not all thats in my bag!

TECH // 
I usually have my iPhone 4 in my bag, but I was using it to take the photo.
So as you can see, I have a ton of lipsticks in my bag at the moment. I have two chapsticks, my Eos and my Burts Bee’s. I have my Laura Mercier Lipgloss and Lipstick in Brown Sugar. I always carry around my Dior Lipglow lipgloss and my Buxom Lipgloss, because why not. Lastly, I started carrying Revlon’s matte lipstick.
My wallet from Urban Outfitters, some gum, and my new RayBans.
I guess it wasn’t that interesting, but sometimes people are a bit curious about what is in peoples bags..

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