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Mood Board: Fall//Winter

winter mood


Six things I’m thinking about for this fall & winter and of course those two things are black and white (shhh). I know its a little bit early, it still being summer and all, but what can I say, winter is my favorite season. Who doesn’t like cuddling up in big fluffy sweaters, oversized coats, watching the rain or the snow, drinking hot tea on the couch by the fire, or even celebrating the holidays!? I know I do.

There are so many things I cant wait to wear and so many styles I’m dying to try. I cant keep my eyes off beautiful fur coats and I’ve been lusting over them in person and all over the internet. As usually I’m also very excited to bring out my oversized sweaters for those comfy cozy days and lastly I just want to ditch the sandals and flipflops for my big chunky boots!



One thought on “Mood Board: Fall//Winter

  1. Hey there, I loved your post. I think the faux fur adds this instant chic-ness. It’s almost effortless but doesn’t seem that way. I just covered something similar two posts ago. I was talking about how excited I am for this fall/winter trend.
    Check it out if you’d like. Xoxx!


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