Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home! Sometimes staying in is so much nicer than going out. Here are a couple ideas on making your time at home a little more fun.

  1. Popcorn + Netflix:Being a Netflix addict, this is an ultimate plan. Pop some popcorn top it with some salt, butter, chocolate chips, whatever you want. Jump on your bed, get comfy and binge on Netflix. If you don’t know what to watch check out my last post about my top netflix watches.
  2. Be Creative: Make a collage, paint, draw. make music, learn an instrument, start a blog, do something that will help express your emotions, your inner you. Being inside all day makes you think about stressful things that aren’t worth your time
  3. Redecorate: Your room reflects who you are, and if you’re like me, then you’re constantly changing, which means your room needs a bit of redecorating. Move around some furniture, hang up some pictures, make your room more you.
  4. Tea + Book: Keep calm and drink some tea…Oh and also read a book. Theres nothing like a hot cup of tea and a good book to keep your mind off reality.
  5. Bake + Cook: The kitchen is your studio and the food is your master piece. Find those recipes you’ve been dying to try and get cracking! Make some cookies, bake a cake, go gluten free, try to make something healthy! Check out my smoothie bowl recipe here!



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