What Does the Future Hold?

As summer break slowly comes to a close I can’t help thinking about what the future will hold for me. This year will be the year of lasts. My last first day of high school, my last prom, my last day of school, you guys know how it goes. Other than trying to soak up the lasts of high school, theres also thinking about college, the SATs, the ACTs and all that stressful stuff.

The thing is that I don’t understand where all the time went. The last thing I remember is looking up to all the seniors and admiring them, but now I’m in their shoes and its terrifying. I thought that by now I would have everything under control and know who I am, but I’m not even close, which well isn’t the best thing when it comes to college apps and essays.

With 3 more weeks of summer left and 6 months of school to figure all this out, all I can do is hope that over that short amount of time I will know what I want, and I know that it’ll be really hard. I guess that right now, all I need to do is work hard and just stay hopeful.


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