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Oh My Love For Black Booties

When you think about black booties, you probably think about witches. Well to get things out in the open, I’m not a witch, although I once wished I was… If you’re into the whole all black, minimalistic look, like me. Than you probably understand my love for any kind of black booties.

Pick & Choose

There are many types of booties to pick and choose from. So the best thing to do before going out to buy a pair of boots you think look cute, make sure those are the ones that you’ll want forever… well maybe not forever, but you know what I mean.

  1. The classic Chelsea boot, perfect for any outfit and any weather. I have a pair and I can gladly say I’m obsessed with them.
  2. The chunky boot, makes any outfit look super grunge or very chic. It may look a bit hard to pull off this kind of boot, based on the photo above, but I bet you can find your own that works perfectly for you.
  3. The cut out, these boots are the perfect style for any season. Wear them in the summer with a maxi dress and a floppy hat or wear them in the winter with some cool socks, jeans and a oversized sweater.

How to wear ’em

Booties can be worn in any season, but you gotta know how to wear them so you don’t look like your weather confused. If you think about it, wearing boots in the summer seems like such a hassle, but picture this, you’re wearing a pair of cut out boots with a light maxi dress, sunnies and a floppy hat. How cute is that? For the colder seasons, theres nothing better than a chunky black boot that’ll keep your toes warm and make your already all black outfit even more stylin’.

Now that I have set out a few helpful hints, and hopefully persuaded you to go boot shopping! Let me know what you think!


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