Fashion Inspiration

Trend Alert: Socks & Sandals

What’s the chic new look that models trending off and on the runway? Dare I say it, but its socks and sandals. I’m not saying that your dads Tevas with some white tube socks are in fashion, but I know that some Birkenstocks or Jelly sandals would look awesome with cute frilly socks. I mean why wouldn’t you want to wear your favorite summer sandals anytime of the year.

So before you go out to buy those pair of sandals you were eyeing at the store, here are some tips. First of all, the more comfortable the better. If you buy a pair of shoes you think look amazing and they end up killing your feet, thats not what you want. Secondly, the quality of your shoes are more important than quantity. Make sure that your shoes don’t break on the second wear.

Obviously sandals are a summer shoe, but thats what the socks are for! So go out whether its rain or shine put on some awesome socks, slip on your sandals, and have some fun!


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