What Caught My Eye: “Popularity/Finding Yourself”

Hey everyone!

I was scrolling through Tumblr today and found this amazing post on Reef Magazine that was submitted by one of the fellow readers. Before you read, I just wanted to let you all know why it meant so much to me.

As a teen in high school, I know how it feels to not know where I belong or who are my real group of friends, but I slowly learned that in order to figure all that out had to know what I wanted and who I was, because when I figure that out everything comes naturally. After I read this small “article” I knew that what I was doing/ am doing is/will work.

Popularity / Finding Yourself

By: Bay

At the end of the school year I lost my group of friends. We were fighting constantly and I wasn’t happy. So I made a change. I didn’t really have any other friends besides them, but I tried to act like I was fine. I hung out with different crowds, even though I was certain they didn’t want me. I worked hard on trying to make friends and become popular all year. This summer I realized it doesn’t matter.

My brother’s girlfriend inspired me. I stopped thinking I had to be like everyone else and wore the clothes I wanted and did my hair the way I liked it. I took in the fact that I’m girly and I like to buy pretty things and find new outfits. I haven’t actually hung out with many different people this summer. Instead I spent my weeks consumed with dance.

I realized I hate dance, and that really I should be focusing more on fashion. I tried to get into a modeling agency although I was not tall enough. I found this funny because I am 5’7. I left that idea behind me and focused on design. I bought a huge book filled with pictures from vogue to bazaar. I have always loved my brothers girlfriends clothes so I began trying out her style. We went shopping and I got new clothes that I feel like myself in.

Some people think that fitting in is better than not fitting in, but I disagree. I think fitting in is stupid. I’ve heard that it doesn’t matter whether you fit in or not in high school because everyone meets people just like themselves. I hope high school come quick.

There are two kinds of people at my school. The popular people and the people no one cares about. I fit in with the second crowd. I wish there was a third crowd though. A crowd everyone could be in. It would be called the crowd that accepts. And everyone could rule this crowd.

I wanted so desperately to be popular. But it wasn’t coming easy. That’s when I realized it’s not coming easily because I’m not like them. I’m not perfect and athletic and pretty at the same time. I’m me, and guess what, popularity is overrated.


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