Fashion Inspiration

Trend Alert: Bucket Hat


So the bucket hat. What can I say, its a weird trend thats started making teens/adults look like 5 year olds, but I’m starting to like it.

Although this trend has gone from a #throwback from the ’90s to a style must have at music festivals or all the summer. So instead of watching celebs like Rihanna or Miley look super cute in these hats, why don’t you get one for yourself.

You can buy them anywhere, from second hand to high end. Brands like Rag & Bone, Asos, Vans, ect. have their bucket hats ready for you. So go out and get’em.

Now you guys must be thinking, what can I wear with this hat? Well, first of all you can wear it with about anything if its black lol, but if your not into the whole all black thing or wanna go bold you can find the floral hat above and wear it with a white tee, jeans and some sneakers, but thats all up to you!



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