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I’m finally back on my blog after a very very long vacation…

Happy Summer everyone! Nows the time to spend with family and friends traveling the world or chilling by the pool. Here are a few photos from my trip to Paris. It was a dream come true. Walking the streets, eating the food, meeting the people was a totally new experience for me. I tried my best to capture some of Paris’ beauty through these photos.


IMG_5516 2IMG_5521 2 IMG_5578 2 IMG_5586 2 IMG_5624 2 IMG_5627 2 IMG_5629 2
IMG_5653 2IMG_5662 2 IMG_5695 2 IMG_5699 2 IMG_5756 2IMG_5829 2IMG_5973 2IMG_6033 2IMG_6034 2IMG_5547 2IMG_5549 2IMG_5555 2IMG_5560 2IMG_5562 2


8 thoughts on “Paris.

  1. beautiful pictures!! they definitely capture the essence of paris ❤ and yum! those macaroons… i hope you tried out nutella crepes at the many crepes stands in the city, they're totally to die for!! 😀

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