Hot & In.

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Dolce & Gabbana translucent sunglasses / ESSIE nail polish in Sand Tropez / Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ sandals in white (and in navy)/ TOPSHOP jumper / Gabriele Frantzen statement necklace

A small shopping list for your summer staples!

Necklace: I love love love statement necklaces, even though I don’t wear them that often. This Gabriele Frantzen necklace is beautifully layered and would look great with any outfit, day or night!

Sunglasses: It’s summer time, which means you gotta have a pair of sunglasses! These sun glasses don’t only look super modern, but I think they’ll make any outfit look classic.

Nail polish: Who isn’t obsessed with getting manis/pedis? I know I am! For the summer, I usually stick to super bright reds or neutrals. Neutrals are a great pick because it makes your nails look clean, your skin look tan and your outfit look effortless.

Sandals: Birkenstocks are back! I recommend picking up a pair of these in white and your summer will be fabulous being comfortable and looking too cool for school.

Jumper: Some of you are going to think I’m crazy, but I love to wear cropped sweaters during the summer. Although Summer is all about shorts, dresses and hot weather, I always have a sweater that I would wear on those chilly summer nights. Plus, you’ll still be showing a bit of skin anyway since its cropped!


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