HACKED:Penguin Mud Masks

Yes! You read that right! Mud masks! Made out of penguins.

I know, it sounds crazy. But once you see the hidden magic in every penguin, you’ll be thanking me. It all starts in the Deep Antartica, where they are harvested for their fur and healing properties. But now you ask, where does the mud come in? It comes in a mask of course. But what do you do with the penguin? Well that’s a company secret. If I told you here, I’d have to harvest you as well. One of my co-workers revealed the secret to these penguin mud masks, and she was never seen again. After the 8 month investigation, they found her head in a trash can. Behind a 7/11. What was under the head? A penguin face mask. This was no coincidence. When they found the head, it was still breathing, because of the healing properties of the penguin face mask. 

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