New & Noteworthy

I feel as if beauty/fashion bloggers are a bit materialistic. We find pleasure in buying new things and talking about how happy they make us, but because I’m materialistic it doesn’t mean I base all the stuff I have on who I am and I don’t think other bloggers do that either. What I’m trying to say is that I like buying things not just because they make me happy, its because through my blog and my knowledge of the products I buy, I can express my self in different ways.
On another topic, I got new stuff!! I finally bought myself the Naked 2 palette and the NARS Laguna Bronzer! Aren’t they beautiful?
NARS Laguna Bronzer- You’ve probably heard every single beauty blogger talk about how much they love this product. I’m already very tan, but when I apply this it doesn’t look super crazy it just makes my skin look warmer. Theres no sparkle in it so you don’t like a fairy when you wear it either so thats another plus.
Naked 2 Palette- Like the NARS bronzer, this palette is also very hyped, and for a good reason. I have to tell you guys that this is a cult product for any makeup lover. All of the shadows are easy to blend into beautiful looks. My favorite shadows in the palette are Tease (matte brown), Chopper (brownish/tan sparkle), Busted (purple sparkle) and Snake Bite (chocolatey brown sparkle). They’re all very dark colors, but look beautiful when blended together with lighter colors like Bootycall (pinkish sparkle) or YDK (grayish purple).


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