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These are my new beauty buys as of 2 weeks ago. Sorry for taking a while to post this. I just started junior year (in high school) and I got super busy from day 1. On to my makeup buys! 
I bought Sephora Favorites “Give Me Some Lip” Set, which is a little box of Sephora’s best selling lip products from different brands. It includes a Fresh “Sugar Rose” Tinted Lip TreatmentLaura Mercier Lip Glacé in “Bare Pink”Buxom Full On Lip Polish in “Dolly”NARS Lip Gloss in “Turkish Delight”Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in “Rhubarb”, and Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster in “Glitzy”
I haven’t tried them all, but right now my favorites are the Tarte Lip Luster, Buxom Lipgloss and the Sugar Rose. I haven’t tried the NARS lip gloss yet, but a friend of mine told me that its very sticky, which I’m not so happy about, but we’ll see. I also haven’t tried out the Laura Mercier lipgloss, but it smells good so I’m excited to try it on. I’ll write another post about the one lip product I liked the most out of them all soon. 
Tarte Lip Luster in “Glitzy”– Its a purplish- pink color. Its a bit sheer on the lips, but if you overly apply it, you can get a deeper color. It smells really good and also has a slight glitter to it, but I barely noticed it when I put it on. Its also very moisturizing on the lips, so it works a little like a lip balm, which I love! 
Buxom LipGloss in “Dolly”– I have another Buxom lipgloss in a light pink, that I kinda stole from a friend, I forgot the name, but I love it. If you haven’t tried Buxom lip glosses, your missing out, unless you don’t like it when your lips start tingling (hehe). What the lip gloss does is create a look of more plump and full lips. It has Vitamins A and E, which helps keep your lips soft and moisturized. Its very shimmery, especially this color, so I would wear it more a night, when I go out or something. I love it!
Fresh Sugar Rose– If you have an account with Sephora, you probably know that every year on your birthday you are sent a small tester of the Sugar lip treatment. What it does is moisturize and heal chapped lips, while making your lips look as healthy as ever! I have both the original and the rose scented lip balm, but I prefer the original more. Rose sent is a bit to strong for me. 

Real Techniques 4-pc Core Collection– Best. Brushes. In. The. World. I am truly in love with these brushes, especially the bluffer brush. This collection come with a Bluffer Brush, Contouring Brush, Foundation Brush, and a Detailing Brush (in that order). Its my first real set of brushes and I was really excited about them. I heard Vivanna and Lily talk about them a ton, so I said why not. I use the Bluffer Brush to apply my liquid foundation, because it spreads the foundation evenly on my skin, unlike some foundation brushes I’ve used. I love using the Contouring Brush when I apply highlighter. Its absolutely perfect.

Maybelline New York Big Eye Mascara– Yes, I bought the new Maybelline Big Eye mascara. Yes, I thought it would make my eyes look bigger. No, it didn’t make my eyes look bigger, but it made my lashes longer and fuller, which I love love love. It has a two brushes, a thicker brush for your top lashes and a thinner brush for you bottom lashes. Both do an excellent job at being mascara. I love this product. It took over for my Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara.


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