My Favorites- Vloggers

Zoella She is a beauty, fashion, vlogger from the UK (like many of the vloggers I follow). She is super bubbly and cute and I absolutely love her! If you like watching make up tutorials, beauty hauls, and just random vlogg tags (ex. “Boyfriend does my makeup tag”) than you’ll love love love her channel!

ViviannaShe is amazing at finding products that are worth the price (does that make sense?) I love all of her advice on make up and beauty and can’t wait for her up coming vlogs. If you like make up tutorials and make up in general you gotta watch her channel. Its a must!

Jack & Finn Well everyone knows Jack and Finn Harries, the talented twins that lit up our lives (or at least mine….sounds kinda sad, but whatever) with their beautiful accents and fun videos. If you like watching funny pranks, awesome stunts, and just hot guys with british accents then you gotta subscribe to them!

Lily She literally has all the make up you can think of and can give you amazing advice on anything. Her vlogg posts as well as her blog posts are pact with amazing info about high end make up and drug store make up. If you love make up tutorials, beauty and fashion hauls than she is the one for you!

These are just some of the Youtubers that I watch on the daily. I love them all and hope that you gained some new info on Youtube Vloggers!



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