First it was all about ombre hair, after it was the ombre nails and now is the chance of the ombre lips.

Here we’re going to give you some tips to get them in a few easy steps.
Before coloring your lips with all kind of lipstick you should prepare your lips. How? You can exfoliate them with a simple scrub made of sugar and honey. To seal them put some ice for a few seconds and to finish some lip balm. Now they are ready to color!

You’ll need:

2 different lipstick colors. One dark, one light. It doesn’t’ matter the combination, what it matters is that you can see the contrast or the transition between them.

1) Apply the darker one first. You can border your lips leaving some blanks in the middle. Then apply the light one in the center of the lips.

2) Blend them using a brush or just your fingers tapping them softly.

If you want you can seal them with some lip-gloss to shine or translucid powder to get a matte effect.
Et voilà! You got your ombre lips!


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