‘Eau de Charlotte’

‘Eau de Charlotte’ By Annick Goutal

The other day,  I went to Saks with my ema (mom in Hebrew). She and I were just wandering around the fregrance section when we found Annick Goutal’s selection of perfumes. For those of you who dont know about Annick Goutal, she created perfumes based on raw materials from her day to day life. All her perfumes are made with high quality, natural essences. Each of her sophisticated scents evokes a memory or an emotion that draws you in. “Eau de Charlotte” was one of her scents that I completely fell in love with. It smells of a fruit-laden delicacy of black currant buds, sweetened by mimosa, vanilla and cocoa. Annick created this sent for her stepdaughter, who loved life and especially black-currant jam, this scent spicifcally reflected her personality and loves. “Close your eyes and imagine a deliciously mellow blend of black currant buds and the sweet plumpness of mimosa and cocoa beans. A floral, fruity blend for a mouth-watering, spiritual fragrance spiced with romance that unfolds its beauty under the summer sun and the first days of autumn…for the romantic, mischievous woman.”* Going back to my day at Saks, I guess that once I smelled that perfume it reminded me of my childhood. I grew up a curious and sweet girl that always wanted to know more. Now I guess I can say, I am a “romantic, mischievous woman”! 
xx Leehe


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