OFOTD (outfit of the day) April 2

I love stripes. They just make everyone look good (at least in my mind). Today was such a nice hot day. Perfect for a long skirt and a tank. It got a bit windy late during the day so I brought a light sweater. Today is the last day of Pesach (THANK G-D!) which means that tonight I can finally eat bread. Its very hard to restrict your self from something that is in most everyday foods, especially in the US. In Israel most food companies make “Kosher for Passover” snacks and food so its not such a hassel, but here in San Francisco theres a small handfull of stores that sell kosher snacks for Passover (not just matzah). Truthfully, I hate this holiday. Yes, its a holiday that commemorates the Jewish people leaving Egypt but why 8 days of commemoration? Why not 1 or 2? I do love the meaning of Passover and how families and friends come together to sit and learn about our Jewish history. I think its beautiful. To my Jewish followers, what do you like/dislike about Pesach?
xx Leehe
Sweater- Anne Taylor Loft
Tank- Nordstrom BP
Skirt- Testament

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